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Lately, it seems every business is on Social media, one way or another. After years of shoving social media down everyone’s throat, businesses are finally starting to catch on. However, they are very quickly realizing that the strategies they are putting in place may be in fact hurting them rather than helping them. Social media is a different kind of marketing, and if it isn’t working for your business, these may be the reasons:

5 You Are Expecting An ROI

While you should be expecting an ROI from absolutely everything you do, social media marketing isn’t as clear cut as other types of marketing. Rather, social media marketing is more about spreading brand awareness.

As a social media manager, I see this way too often, companies know that their efforts are working because they are either getting more “referrals” or a higher influx of people walking in through their doors. Most of these people aren’t necessarily coming from social media directly.

The way you should think about social media is this way: Social media is a way to put your company’s name in front of more people EVERY month. Subconsciously, these people, after seeing your name pop-up time and time again will inevitably start thinking about your business first when prompted. So, while they may not necessarily walk-in through your doors in the following month, they may be sending people your way that are walking in through “referral.”

4 You Are On The Wrong Platform

While it is true that most people who think about social media, think about Facebook first, this is not necessarily the platform YOUR business should be on. More than likely, you are utilizing Facebook and nothing else. This is a problem as YOUR customer’s may NOT actually be on Facebook!

snapchat-5 reasons why your social media b2b strategy isn't working-b2b social media-social media in b2b-b to b social media-b2b and social media-b2b social  Snapchat

If you are trying to reach a younger crowd, Snapchat really takes the lead. If you are offering products for those teens and pre-teens, this social media platform is your best bet!

Instagram-b2b social media-social media in b2b-b to b social media-b2b and social media-b2b social  Instagram

Instagram should be utilized if you have a product based business. For example, retailers should ALWAYS be on Instagram. Have a small boutique or Etsy shop you’d like to showcase? Instagram!

pinterest-b2b social media-social media in b2b-b to b social media-b2b and social media-b2b social  Pinterest

If you are a content based business or have a strong content marketing strategy, Pinterest should be your number one platform as Pinterest allows for A LOT of traffic to be driven to your content!

Google+-google plus-b2b social media-social media in b2b-b to b social media-b2b and social media-b2b social  Google+

Most of the people on Google+ happen to be teachers, developers, programmers or the like. So if you have services and products that directly pertain to these industries, Google+ should be your social media.

Facebook logo-b2b social media-social media in b2b-b to b social media-b2b and social media-b2b social  Facebook

Never will you ever hear me say that your business shouldn’t be on Facebook, in fact, it NEEDS to be. Facebook is the backbone of all social media and it is the most engaged. With over 1.7 Billion users and growing, your business should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY be on Facebook.

* Of course, I am missing different social media networks i.e. Twitter, Periscope, Vine, etc… The above are just examples to make a point!

3 You Are Forgetting “THE OTHER” Social Media

When most people think about social media, they think about those described above and a few others, but they seem to forget that the term “social media” is derived from media that is social, or media driven by the behavior of people. Therefore, social media is ANYTHING that is user based – Including review sites. It is key to you entire digital media strategy to address the review sites such as Yelp, Google, etc…

Remember: Having no reviews is ALMOST as bad as having bad reviews!

2 Don’t Forget LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the ONLY social media platform SPECIFICALLY designed for business, so why is it that most businesses who are on Facebook are not on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is so important when your business sells directly to other businesses! The very first thing you should do upon finishing this article, is go on LinkedIn and start a page for your business!

1 You Need Become a Broaden and Targeting Ninja

The two biggest mistakes companies make on social media is the fact that they don’t understand that social media is designed to push out information that appeals to people. If all of your posts are about your business, or your product, your targeting should be extremely altered. Or, if you are trying to appeal to everyone, regardless of your industry, product or services your strategy should also be altered.

You MUST keep in mind that every business owner is ALSO a real person, and while you should educate them on what you are trying to sell you should also appeal to other things they may be interested in – such as that cat video that went viral last night or the Football game this Sunday.

Needless to say, if you have less than 2k followers on Social media, and you have been working at it for a while, there is something wrong! You should be growing from month to month and it isn’t as difficult as you may think – think about it, you are the business owner, if something appeals to you, it may appeal to your audience as well!


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