Tired of Chasing Your Tail

Tired of Bloggers Telling You to Do Everything at Once

Tired of Asking Yourself What Things Mean

Tired of Not Knowing What You are Doing

Tired of Not Knowing What To Do

Tired of About Me Pages that Look Like THIS 

So Let’s Jump To It: Who is Shearly Reyes?

I live for this industry, and no, not in the I made a million dollars and fly around the world work-out-of-Bali kind of way (although, I have travelled to 33 different countries and counting so far), but as in, I’ve worked for digital marketing agencies for over 5 years. I’ve worked my way up from Digital Marketing Assistant to Digital Marketing Manger. I’ve freelanced for Wedding Venues and Criminal Defense Attorneys. My story is different from that of others, in that, I didn’t make my money from teaching others how to do it, I made it from doing it myself – and now, after literally 500+ trials on paying customers, I finally feel comfortable enough to guide you on this journey.

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And What Makes Me Think I Can Do This?

Over the years, I’ve put in practice techniques for a lot of different digital marketing strategies and here are my average results thus far:


Average Email Open Rates

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Average Keyword Position for All of My SEO Campaigns (7 is on Page 1 of Google)

Currently Running SEO Campaigns


Average Return on Investment of My PPC Campaigns

Currently Running SEO Campaigns


Average Social Media Month-to-Month Growth

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Ok, Enough About You, What Can You Do For Me?

I can help you simplify the process. I can help you build your brand online, easily and doable, and I can help you do it without costing you an arm and a leg for it. Our courses are designed so that you can learn what everything means, our coaching sessions are designed so that you have accountability partners to help you achieve your goals, and our website design and digital marketing services are designed so that you can optimize it all to maximize your profit and decrease your costs. I can help you get there. 

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