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The Track

We keep talking about the track, but do you know what it is? This free PDF Guide will help you on your journey to become a successful blogger by taking you through the steps you can take to get there. Full of vocabulary words, explanations, and descriptions, you’ll know exactly what to work on first.

Why You Need To Start Guest Posting Today

When we talk about Google, we talk about two major things: Relevancy and Credibility. You will hear me (or read) these over and over again, and that is because in essence, that's all Google cares about - and while this may be a highly simplistic way to explain things,...
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Ways to Beat the New Instagram Algorithm

  The new Instagram algorithm is really a problem of major proportions – Ok, that was a severe exaggeration, but in all honesty, it really is decreasing engagement and reach for millions of users. Much like the Facebook algorithm, the Instagram algorithm focuses...
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The 5 Reasons Social Media ISN’T Working For Your B2B

Lately, it seems every business is on Social media, one way or another. After years of shoving social media down everyone's throat, businesses are finally starting to catch on. However, they are very quickly realizing that the strategies they are putting in place may...
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Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Content marketing is essentially the business term for blogging. It promotes a soft sell approach to selling your expertise by creating quality content that is valuable to the readers and encouraging them to take an action that will profit the business. The thing is that content marketing isn’t new. In fact, hundreds of bloggers every day make thousands every month by using the same skills and steps. The problem most businesses have is that businesses aren’t used to the soft sell approach, and much less to actually giving away valuable content for free.

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The Top 6 Mistakes Bloggers Regret Making: Tips for Newbies

When you first start blogging, mistakes do happen, often! Everyone tells you something different "Go with Blogger" "Go with Self-Hosted WordPress" "Go with Squarespace" etc.. etc.. etc.. The difference of opinions does tend to make the whole launching a blog process...
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Why You Need To Hop On The Content Marketing Bandwagon!

We’ve all been hearing about content marketing for a while. Those who are doing it correctly seem to make a great amount of money from it. Those who aren’t, seem to not know what the words “content marketing” even really means. I’ve yet to meet someone who knows what content marketing means and hasn’t jumped unto the bandwagon. Content marketing refers to the idea that sharing RELEVANT information will drive consumer action. Bloggers have been doing this for years! So why should your business?

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How I Went from a 9% Email Open Rate to a 33% Email Open Rate in a Few Easy Steps

So you develop this awesome freebie (a planner, a keyword list, or even an ebook) and all of your readers seem to be super interested. They start signing up to your email list, they open the first email and download the freebie, and then they never open another email...
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10 Reasons Why No One is Commenting on Your Posts

You spend hours thinking about this amazing blog topic, and then more hours drafting it up, editing it, and making it perfect for your audience. Your post your blog, and then, silence. No one responds. No one comments. No one says anything. Having a silent blog sucks....
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Why Your Business Needs to Avoid 9/11 at ALL COSTS!

Here is my stance, schedule out a post for every holiday. Here is everyone else’s stance, schedule out a post for every day of importance. Every year, businesses schedule out social media posts for 9/11 and every year the amount of backlash is extensive. Here is the...
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4 Reasons Why Your Facebook Hashtag Game Sucks

Being a social media manager, I literally spend ALL day on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I spend hours every day studying top influential brands and micro-influencers in a variety of different industries. This means that I also get to see...
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