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Picking the right domain name for easy brand recognition, and the right niche for monetization

Where to host your website to avoid expensive fees, frequent down times, and security issues

Step-by-Step walk through: Downloading WordPress onto your new blog

Tweaking a theme to make your new blog appear professional

The MUST do’s for any new blog, giving your new baby a chance to thrive!


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What Will You Learn?

Choosing a Niche and Domain Name

Learn how to choose your niche and domain name. Truth be told, even with all of the best intentions in mind, most blogs will not make a single dollar – because they are either in an oversaturated niche, or an undervalued niche, either way, it is recipe for disaster! Learn what kinds of blogs start making money from day one, putting you and your new endeavor ahead of the crowd!

Installing WordPress

Learn where to set up your blog, where to host your blog, and how to install WordPress. Getting this information both visually and in writing will answer all of your questions quickly and easily!

Setting Up Your Blog

What is the difference between picking a theme and building a blog from scratch? What are the tools and plugins that will help your blog become THAT MUCH BETTER? How do you make your blog look professional? Get all of these questions answered and a lot more…