So you develop this awesome freebie (a planner, a keyword list, or even an ebook) and all of your readers seem to be super interested. They start signing up to your email list, they open the first email and download the freebie, and then they never open another email again. It happens all the time. You spend hours crafting this perfect email with extra information not found on your blog, to find that no one ever reads it.

What you need to understand is that email marketing is almost like Pinterest marketing, there are so many emails in your subscribers’ inbox that you need to catch their attention, FAST. It’s not that they don’t want to read your emails, most don’t have time unless they think it is necessary. Here are the exact steps I did to increase my open-rate overnight!

Segmented My Email List

My blog is about marketing, so I just thought that everyone would want to read my emails for some reason. I think many newbies do this, however, it is better to segment your email list to send your readers the right emails THEY actually care about. So for example, some of my articles will have a pop-up asking them to subscribe to only specific content (social media marketing, paid ads, or resources), some content even further segments the list such as (social media Marketing-Facebook or social media Marketing-Instagram) this way I am not wasting my time, or my reader’s time delivering content they don’t find valuable. All of my readers can subscribe to my general newsletter by simply filling out the bar above!

Using my name

Usually I see so many emails coming through from the blogger’s domain name or the company name. This has been common ground and it makes sense, most people who visit my blog know the name of it is Global Brand, but they don’t know my name is Shearly (and with the spelling of it, well that doesn’t help either), so of course the emails were being sent from Global Brand. Turns out that people like people, so seeing Global Brand in their email actually deterred them from opening up that email, apparently it happens all the time with other bloggers as well! So now my emails are getting sent from Shearls at Global Brand.

Removed Inactive Subscribers

I sent out a final test email to all my subscribers before doing this and found the ones who hadn’t been opening my emails for a couple of months. So I segmented that list to its own list and send them an email asking them to re-subscribe if they wished to still receive my emails (subject line: I am so sad to say Goodbye!) What happened actually surprised me, about 27% of these people actually re-subscribed! That’s almost a third! So I went ahead and put them in on the list again, and deleted all of the other emails. If they wish to re-subscribe in the future, they most certainly can, but for now I won’t keep sending them information they are not interested in.

Create an Engaging Subject Line

Most of my emails used to be a general newsletter, however, that didn’t really leave much space for an engaging subject line. Now I am making an effort of sending actual valuable content (with the occasional newsletter here and there). I am treating my emails like an extension of my blog, using recent news, more freebies, and unique quality content (that I do share in my blog, but usually weeks later!) So my email subscribers do have something to be excited about, and this then creates the opportunity for quality headlines. For example, I wrote an abridged version of this blog 3 weeks ago, with a downloadable checklist. The subject line was “Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone, But I just increased my Email Open Rate by 33%!” That particular subject line had a 31% open rate!

So all in all, this month has done wonders for my email list, I am getting new subscribers who are ACTUALLY opening up my newsletter and I couldn’t be more excited! Try some of these out and let me know what they do for you by commenting below or sign up to my email list for freebies and exclusive content!


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