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When you first start blogging, mistakes do happen, often! Everyone tells you something different “Go with Blogger” “Go with Self-Hosted WordPress” “Go with Squarespace” etc.. etc.. etc.. The difference of opinions does tend to make the whole launching a blog process extremely confusing. But it does not have to be difficult. Here is what ten top bloggers wish they had done differently!

Starting the Blog

Putting your name out there along with your ideas can be a nerve-wracking thing. I know that I myself kept this blog on the DL for several weeks before I told anyone I actually knew about it. However, the common consensus seems to be that the faster you start, the faster you’ll start gaining viewers:

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I wish I hadn’t taken so long to start because of overthinking everything (if the blog would look good, if I would be able to figure out WordPress, popups etc.) Now that I took the leap of faith, I realized everything is a process and that you end up figuring out everything once you apply yourself to learning because there are so many resources out there to help.

Shelcy from www.AMillenialsGuideToLife.com

Picking a Brand and a Niche

Branding is a really big part of a website. The colors you choose, the way you style your site, the types of pictures you pick all influence your brand. For many bloggers, branding seem to be at the center of their initial struggles! Once you pick a brand, your niche should follow. Your niche is the audience you are writing for. Picking your niche should depend on what you want to write about and how you want to write it. Your niche and brand should also determine your domain name. Your domain name should be short, descriptive, and memorable. Here are some of the regrets some bloggers made when it came to niche and brand:

stefan sharpe-the millenial budget-global brand inc-global branding-top mistakes top bloggers regret making

I wish I wrote towards a specific audience earlier. When I started I was writing for anybody who was willing to read. Now that I have focused my target age group I have seen increase in readership and referrals back to my blog

Stefan from www.TheMillenialBudget.com

lesterlost-a parisian in syndey-global branding-mistakes bloggers regret making

I wish I’d spent more time looking at other blogs to understand what I wanted and how things worked. I wouldn’t need to change my design for the second time!

Delphine from www.Lesterlost.com.

Where to Host Your Site

Many people ask this question when they start blogging. Where should I host my site? Will WordPress be too difficult? Can I use WordPress.Com vs WordPress.Org? What is the difference between using that or Wix and Weebly? Should I use Tumblr? (hopefully I will stop hearing this question soon)!

However, the clear winner seems to be WordPress, with many bloggers around regretting starting out on different platforms:

ami rose-ami-rose.com-shearly reyes-global branding-global brand inc-10 mistakes to stop making as a newbie blogger-biggest blogging mistakes

Moved to WordPress.org with my own domain. I spent 5 years on Blogger prior to moving and feel WordPress is the way to go, and where you should start out. I’ve learned so much about SEO and the Plugins have helped me out too. Almost tripled views since moving over to WordPress!

Ami from Β www.Ami-Rose.Com.

April was here-aprilwashere.com-global brand inc-shearly reyes-global branding-10 mistakes bloggers wish they hadn't made

I wished I have bought a domaine right from the start instead of blogger.


April from www.AprilWasHere.com

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Marketing Your Website

As a newbie, the idea that you should just write write write can stress you out and burn you out. The problem with this idea is that it banks on organic reach, but in the beginning organic reach is very difficult to achieve. A good rule of thumb is that you should write and market for approximately the same amount of time:

scratchesandscribbles-nam h nguyen-australia time magazine-my trending stories-fiction write-global brand inc-global branding-mistakes bloggers regret making

Probably my biggest regret was not doing any research.Β If I did I would have placed more emphasis on marketing. I have found my SEOΒ and my audience has improvement since.


Nam H Nguyen from www.ScratchesandScribbles.com

mrandmrsdwelling.com-mrandmrsdwelling-aleksandra-alex-diy projects-mistakes bloggers wish they hadn't made


I wish I discovered Pinterest group boards earlier and began joining them! They have helped me increase traffic to my blog so much ever since I started using them.


Alex from www.MrandMrsDwelling.com

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Growing Your Email List

An email list is an important component to your blog, your email list will attempt to convert those who may forget about your blog later into long term followers. With a strong email list you are better able to promote any future articles, products, or services. There is definitely a clear advantage to a great email list and not starting one sooner has caused a lot of regret:


I wish I had created freebies and started my email list sooner. Even if you don’t have opt-in offers, putting sign-up forms on your site will help and it won’t take you as long to build your list if you start it right from the beginning.

Tami from www.TheInspirationLady.com

nymphinthewoods-sara hantsbarger-nymph in the wood-global branding-global brand inc-top mistakes bloggers regret making!

Gotten past my fear and worked on my email list (just getting this started more now!) and Learned to schedule social media!


Sara from www.NymphintheWoods.com

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Starting a blog, just like any other business, requires persistence and patience. Too often new bloggers get overwhelmed by the amount of work and give up when they don’t see results right away. This is DEFINITELY not the way to go. The longer you stick with it, the more you’ll perfect your craft and the better your blog will be for it!


I wish I had kept more patient! After I launched my blog, I thought that views and followers would come rolling in, and when they didn’t, it stresses me out and caused a lot of unnecessary anxiety and worry. I wish I would’ve realized that you won’t get 1000 views and followers in the first month of blogging and that everything takes time.

Danielle from www.ProduceandPositivity.com.

All bloggers made mistakes and we keep making them every day! Trust me! But if you continue at your craft it will all pay off. To get my complete checklist to starting a blog PLUS GET 30% OFF THE DIVI THEME, sign up below!

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