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The new Instagram algorithm is really a problem of major proportions – Ok, that was a severe exaggeration, but in all honesty, it really is decreasing engagement and reach for millions of users. Much like the Facebook algorithm, the Instagram algorithm focuses past behavior of certain users.

A lot of Instagram advertisers are under the impression that the more comments/likes a picture gets early on, the more people it will reach, and while this is true in essence, it isn’t necessarily true in practice. This way of thinking stems from watching the Facebook algorithm, however, what most people do not measure is how frequently the average Facebook users shares UNIQUE content to Facebook – the answer? Not as frequently as they do on Instagram. Additionally, Instagram’s “sharebility” factors aren’t as high, for example, how often do you see a “repost” on Instagram? These posts make up about 1% of my newsfeed, while selfies and Instagram travel photos make up the rest. So, now that we know that asking our friends to like our pictures to “increase engagement” isn’t going to work, what is?

Forget the Quality over Quantity Debate


Ok. Ok. You’re pissed. I said it. Look you’re not the only one, but truth be told, this is a centuries old debate that really ONLY applies to pictures that get the REACH – and if your engagement has tanked, it is solely because you’re not reaching anyone. Your overall engagement is based upon the percentage of people who actually SAW your photos and then liked it, not the percentage of people who follow you and then liked your pictures.

So, here’s the thing, you need quality posts – yes, but you need plenty of them to get the reach you need. Think about Facebook, who do you see on your newsfeed often? Huffington Post? Buzzfeed? And how often do they post daily? The idea is to stay RELEVANT in people’s minds in a feed that’s preventing you from doing that.

Now I am not telling you to increase your posts from once a day to ten times a day, this isn’t Twitter, what I am suggesting is that doubling up on posts may not be a bad idea.

Use Instagram Stories

use instagram stories-ways to beat the Instagram algorithm

We are seeing this more and more often, and it’s because it works. You can use Instagram Stories to tell your followers that you’ve got a new picture, you can also use it in your overall Instagram strategies. Instagrammers that used Instagram stories daily saw an increase in overall page engagement – and that is because they are adding the number of viewers their Instagram stories get. So, you’ve got 24 hours, make them count!

Take People OUT of Instagram

With Instagram, you are relying on people their timeline and their newsfeed, with a personal blog, YOU decide what everyone sees. It is an overall better method to raise awareness of your personal brand. Therefore, do take the chance to take people out of Instagram and back to your website as often as you possible can. This is really the ONLY way to beat any social media network!

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