When we talk about Google, we talk about two major things: Relevancy and Credibility. You will hear me (or read) these over and over again, and that is because in essence, that’s all Google cares about – and while this may be a highly simplistic way to explain things, as you read more and more, you’ll understand why. In this article, we will be talking about building credibility.

Guest posting is the art of writing for someone else’s blog or online publication, a lot of time free of charge. While this may sound counter-intuitive to the process of profiting from blogging, it actually helps.

Why Should I Guest Post?

Builds Backlinks

In Google’s eyes, if other online publications are linking back to your website, then that must be because your website is credible. Think about it this way, if WebMD referred to your medical blog, then WebMD MUST be saying that they found their most credible information from you, bypassing websites such as CDC.Gov and MayoClinic.Com. That would be HUGE. Same thing as blogs, the bigger and more widely read the blog is, the faster it will push your website up in search. Utilizing smaller blogs may be a lot easier while you are starting out, allowing you to build credibility.

I am starting a Facebook group that should make this A LOT easier, here you’ll be able to see what other niche publications are accepting guest posts and speak to them directly. If you’d like the link, add your email below:

Builds an Audience 

For a new blogger, guest posting is specially helpful. Neil Patel, for example, focuses on the importance of long-form (1200+ words) guest blogging in the beginning states of a blog, and this is because it will build your audience. At first, your blog will be an island, full of information that NO ONE reads or even knows it’s out there – guest posting reverses the issue. What if you had all of these amazing, full of information, articles all over the web taking them back to subscription landing page? People would be excited to read what you had to say. By guest posting, you are building a bigger audience.

Builds Credibility

Imagine how much easier it will be to tell someone you are the expert if you’ve been quoted in Inc.com, Forbes, and Huffington Post? That is why these publications do not pay their contributors. Although you may not be guest posting for Entrepreneur from day one, having multiple articles written under multiple blogs and logos to show off will increase the rate by which someone determines you are a credible source.

Where to Guest Post?

Finding Guest Posting opportunities may seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Google should be step one, simply type in a google search such as “guest post + keyword” or “contribute + keyword” and many blogs and publications should show up. As a first time blogger, I encourage you to start all the way back in later Google pages (such as 100) to find the smaller niche publications. Otherwise, you can certainly start on page one and go down the list. Another way to find guest blogging opportunities is to use Facebook groups. Here is a list of Facebook groups that may prove helpful:



And the one I am planning to start “Guest Posting opportunities,” by the way, have you signed up for it yet?

What MUST be Included in EVERY Guest Post

Your Name

Guest posting under an alias or as any other name is defeating the purpose of creating an audience. While this may sound like Guest Posting 101, it isn’t. Many are fooled by the thought of just guest posting under a different name to “sound unbiased,” but what you are effectively doing is giving that other alias an audience and not yourself.

A Backlink

Whether dofollow or not, a backlink is always helpful. When you are writing an article, try to link it to an article you already wrote that is relevant to the topic you are currently writing. This way, if someone does click back to your website, they aren’t confused by your homepage, and if they don’t, Google will still raise the credibility of your overall blog.

A Bio

Remember, no one knows who you are, so having a bio is super important here. Getting people to know you and your name from the get go will help you achieve a higher standard credibility with your audience. Here, I would also include social media links to your website’s social media page, or personal pages.

Why Would I Let Someone Guest Post on My Website?

Simple, because having multiple authors will build credibility for your site too, specially under Google’s eyes. For Google, the more authors you have, the better. For example, CNN and Buzzfeeds have hundreds of contributors that post frequently, and both are deemed highly. We measure this by measuring “domain authority,” a Google metric that allows sites with higher authority to be ranked higher in search.

The scale is 1-100.

CNN has a domain authority of 99

Forbes is sitting at 96

Buzzfeed at 93

And Backlinko, the standard of backlink building and one of the biggest SEO experts is currently just at 77 – and we can probably deem his SEO as perfect. So, guest blogging is extremely important, which is why we are always accepting guest posts!

If you’d like to write for us, pitch us an idea at info@globalbrandinc.com!

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